christmas tree and carolling in trafalgar square.

4 Dec

london 2.58pm 13.1C, quite cloudy now, earlier it was sunny but very weak sun. friday 2015

yesterday the christmas tree in trafalgar square given to uk every year by norway was lit up.

wait till it gets dark, 3.53pm GMT tonight and u can see it in this webcam. its a live streaming video.

quite interesting to watch in daytime too, as it is like spying on the people  in trafalgar square. haha.

from today till 23dec there will be carol singing round that tree 4pm-8pm weekdays, 2pm-6pm weekends.

all the streets have lights strung across them all along their lengths now. so it is quite festive and christmasy. and the shop window displays will be all lit up too. 

added. 4.07pm, i see there is another bright light there, it is the menorah that is used by jewish people to celebrate hannukah. the candelabra is supposed to be lighted each day for 9 days. but i see in the live webcam a bright light where it is supposed to be, so it seems they have lighted it all at once. 

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