hamburgers with pink in the middle

4 Dec

london 3.40pm friday

i have enjoyed eating hamburgers where the meat is pink in the inside. but now i see a council in portsmouth winning a court case against a burger place for serving a pink in the middle burger.

it seems the council wants them to specify how the burger meat is produced so that the meat is not contaminated.

a rare steak is allowed because only the outside is contaminated and the germs are killed on cooking, so it is ok to serve a steak rare.

it just means more cost to get someone to work out the paper work. it is no wonder eating out is so expensive because of all these petty bureaucracy… though i suppose u could say it will stop fly by nighters serving unhygienic food to unsuspecting customers.

but dont complain when the food prices are jacked up, and it costs so much to eat out.  it just means anyone willing to go into this food business must allow for the extra costs in complying to all the food rules and laws that abound and all that cost means the customer have to foot the bill. now u know why it costs so much to eat out.

the owners sound like they are polish, so maybe there is some kind of politics in there somewhere. the local shops may be complaining as they provide competition.

once u taste beef that is medium rare, it is difficult to go back to eating well cooked beef. 

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