eating well has nothing to do with if u are rich or poor

6 Dec

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i saw the heading of her article saying it is hard to eat well when you are poor, and did not read further as i thought that is not true. i did not bother to comment on it as i thought i shall not harp on it.

i dont know where we get this belief that eating well is hard when you are poor.

in the past, poor people have never considered only the rich eat well. people who dont have much money know how to cook and use everything around them to make great meals and lack of money have never been a barrier to having great meals. do u know that oysters, eels were  poor man’s food? i can still remember eating eels and mash with liquor  (its really mashed peas) and so cheaply too. it was in the 80s. now there are no such food anymore. 

also in the past it is true poor people dont eat a lot of sweet things, because those were luxuries that only the rich can afford. now everyone and his mother eat too much sweet things.

just yesterday i was at a shop in oxford st that shows free films as part of their promotion. they are a soap shop that makes the soap looks like sweets. and they were giving away popcorn and lots of sweets of all types. even i was tempted to ask for it, until i realise i dont really eat them.

i have not bothered to eat sweets for a long time now. dont know when it began but it is easy for me as when i was a kid i never was given any sweets so i never did get into the habit of putting sweet things in my mouth.

it is a tragedy , to my way of thinking, to give children sweets.  but i bet no one else thinks so. so much so that children now are given sweets as a treat. it is giving them a lot of trouble in their future. if u want to kill someone with kindness, give them sweets. 

 but now people have lost that skill of cooking from scratch and with anything to hand;  and rely on manufactured foodstuffs for their meals. that is why this reporter can say such a thing and not be laughed out of court. however this morning i read in the letters column of some people who deign to reply to her



2 Responses to “eating well has nothing to do with if u are rich or poor”

  1. Sarah M Monday December 7, 2015 at 7:16 am #

    If you ever go in Iceland (the shop not the country) you will see all the special offers on cakes and chocolate etc. You can get a huge cake for 99p, but then 2 huge cakes are only 1.20 so you might as well buy 2…
    They have little real food in the shop. It is the most depressing place. Full of fat, poor people.
    It is possible to eat well on a low budget but it involves a lot of cooking and a lot of people don’t want to do that.
    Actually I don’t like having to cook, so I tend to buy a lot of pre-prepared salads and ready prepared vegetables, and stuff like that is expensive. You couldn’t live like that if you were on a tight budget and maybe that’s what the woman meant. Cake is cheaper than vegetables.

    • alifesgayventure Monday December 7, 2015 at 7:58 am #

      i know what u mean, that might explain why there are so many fat poor people. and you are right about iceland. i thought i could buy frozen chicken pieces, or frozen pollock, like in tesco or sainsburys where it forms their basic range, but they dont sell those. just lots of precooked frozen stuff and not cheap. (precooked stuff is never cheap unless u get them as a marked down at the end of the day).
      it surprised me as iceland would be the logical first choice to go for those frozen chicken pieces.
      i dont hear of them losing money, so i wonder how they managed to survive .
      pre prepared salads are really expensive. and u still have to wash them don’t you? i hear they use chemicals in the water to preserve them; but perhaps not… or maybe u dont wash them?if u want to wash them, all the reasons to get them is gone, because then u have to spin dry them, and its hell of a palaver.
      cake seem to be cheaper than veg, but £1 for cake is still £1. when i can get brocolli,onion, ginger, garlic, lettuce for 50p each pack, and these are always for that price, and aldi six veg for 60p each, etc, the only excuse maybe that you need to wash them and chop them. but no excuse for saying they take up lots of cooking time. . it is a myth that u need to do a lot of cooking. the time the stew is simmering is not time for cooking as such, as u dont have to hang around watching it while it does that. go and do something else. haha.

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