free £5 voucher

6 Dec

london 3.33pm 13.9C cloudy sunday 2015

it’s sunday and the shop was still open when i went to the robert dyas store in artillery road, victoria,at about 3pm; to buy something that costs £5, because there is this daily mail giveaway to spend in any of their stores but only for today.

they only have 3 stores in london, all very close to me it turned out. the nearest to me was this artillery road store. i live here a long time but i didn’t even know of this company, nor that they have a store near me. so in terms of raising awareness the voucher has done its job. 

they sell household stuff, electrical stuff like microwaves etc(which cost a lot ) ,light bulbs, and lots of containers, lunch boxes etc. i thought of buying one of those, but not only do i like the cheap takeaway plastic containers that i can get, but also they cost a lot and i felt i want more for the money, even if i get it free. haha.

i was browsing their kitchen utensils, and saw this, a £4.99 can opener. granted we allready got one, in fact we got two, one of which is not working… so i thought since the can openers seem to go bad often, i shall get one to keep as a spare. haha.

there was a meat thermometer that cost the same, and i was debating whether to get that as i dont have one. but then i realised i dont use a thermometer. it is not necessary really. u are supposed to stick it into the meat, but i was thinking what if i want a medium rare beef roast… that thermometer wont be much use would it? it is meant for chicken or pork where u want to make sure the internal temperature is high… but then just cook it for the proper length of time and it will be cooked. no need to know the internal temperature.

its a lot of fun searching the store for something i might like and having to decide. thanks to the daily mail and robert dyas for that. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera


added. 12.12.15 here is their christmas ad, with employees saying if they are gay or straight and asking us to shop there and saying they serve everyone. hmm, maybe they are hoping gays will specially use it to buy their household stuff. like john lewis, which is kind of known to be gay friendly. 

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