poor old south london, so much road disruptions and jams

7 Dec

london 5.51pm 13.4C monday 2015

i had a fruitless afternoon trying to buy the asda advertised whole duck for £5 (£2.50/kg). there was not a single duck on sale in asda when i went to the old kent road branch. i even asked a sales man and he could not find any either.

none in the frozen section. none in the fresh section, not even the label on the shelf. and he asked another man to find out inside the store, in the storage shelves at the back, and he came back to say there is none there either.

this is one time when the advertised product in the website could not be found in the actual store. pity that as i was so looking forward to having roast duck.

the whole journey there was very long winded too, as there were traffic jams all along the road on all the routes that i normally take. going there on  36, then the 53, C10 coming back.

the road works two -way re -configuration of the elephant and castle has a lot to answer for. the two way system is now operative, but lots of sections still need doing up, with roads surfaces gouged out and barriers everywhere. it took me almost 4hrs all told.

thank goodness in the bus i can just close my eyes and ignore everything and let the bus take the strain.

though throughout all the waiting i was thinking when/if the tube is extended to this area in peckham, i would certainly take it instead of the buses.

i am sure all the supermarkets along the old kent road must be affected with people avoiding going there unless they have to.

i myself will not bother to go there till the elephant and castle works program is finished. and i would advise everyone to avoid that area too if they value their sanity. the trouble of course is that everyone is avoiding it and taking the camberwell route to lewisham, and making that route clogged up with traffic.

poor car drivers in london, they really get the bad end of the stick. and have to suffer the gall of seeing all the cycle lanes practically empty, as they are only busy during rush hour; and i mustn’t forget to add the bus passengers to the list too. the whole of south london relies on the buses and it is disrupted like anything. though thank goodness for the bus lanes, it allows the buses to sail pass every car to the head of the queue. haha. but all in all, poor south londoners.

in a way i am lamenting for me too. ah well, i shall have to do my shopping nearer home now. but at least i dont live there and can avoid going there. imagine having  to run the gamut of such disruptions every time if u live there and have to get caught in all that disruption to travel everytime u walk out of your flat. and you cannot take the train and try to escape the chaos. it is just as crowded, the trains, that is if you can even get any that serves your area. that area is very badly served by trains. 

i had a look for the first time at the new system to replace the roundabout, and i noticed that they have closed off one section of the roundabout.  so a car from new kent road wanting to go to st georges road or walworth road have to go all round the roundabout. i wonder why they dont keep the road that is closed off and split the traffic from old kent road to allow them to go both left and right… that way u dont force all the traffic to go round the roundabout and clogging up everything. 

added. just realised that today is the first day of the new 2-way system being applied. i forgot. so really my bad for going there.let people get used to it. 


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