9 Dec

london 9.27pm 11.6C wednesday 2015

seeing quartet, on tv, it is a film about a bunch of old musicians and singers in an old folks home. it is truer to life than the marigold hotel , that film about an  old folks home in india. that one shows all the old folks being nice and pleasant to each other, this one is more bitchy and truer to life. all the pettiness and forgetfulness and misunderstandings and ego upmanships… of a bunch of old people living together. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

the picture is my reading glasses. yes, i am getting old, need reading glasses.

my eyesight has moved from being short sighted (so that i need to wear multifocal glasses)  to long sighted (when i was able to get rid of the glasses) and back again, so that now i cannot see near distances but need my reading glasses to look at my laptop screen. i am still able to see long distance enough not to bother to wear glasses for them. 

these £1 glass frame tend to break. this one is not mine, it is simon’s but he broke one of the ear handles, and i have taped a pen onto it. and i broke the other ear handle and have to put a tape round that too.

u might ask why i dont buy another one. they are so cheap. but i forgot. i went to brixton today too, to buy ginger and chilli, and to go to halford, the cycle company to get the   free bike lights that the daily mail has offered. they cost £10. though i think they are a different model from the daily mail offer, because in the daily mail they said it cost £12.50. ah well, it is free, so i should not quibble about what model i got. ( i think if u include the cost of the batteries, it might add up).

i told simon about the lights, and asked him to use it if he wants. he is the only one in our household using the bike now. but he said the weather has got cold and he dont fancy riding on the bike now.

i dont find it cold, but then i go about wrapped up warm and got a hoodie to protect my head, not to mention i dont cycle about. so i told him to wear some thing on his head. he has shaved his head, and i thought it must be cold to be out and about not having something to cover it. i got loads of beanies, and bobble hats that i found over the years. people tend to drop them. so he can have his pick of them. but he does not use them. (i think it is the ears that need covering. they feel cold).

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

batteries included.

and i should have gone to the £1 stores there to buy a reading glass. but as i said, i clean forgot. these ones are quite good, they are the right strength. i must say i am enjoying looking through them they make it so much easier on my eye when i look through them.

now i got them fixed up i dont think i need to bother buying new ones. these will do for home use. it looks weird of course but there is no one to see it at home. haha. only simon sees it and he is used to me doing such things. hee hee.

i dont mind, i enjoy using things and extending their useful life, as they have a lot of use out of them still, and it would be a shame to throw them away. 



4 Responses to “age”

  1. Garfield Hug Thursday December 10, 2015 at 2:15 pm #

    How creative of you to continue to extend life of the reading glasses. I broke mine and it was A Storm frame…cost me $350 and it snapped in middle plastic bridge of nose part and I threw it out as I am not capable to glue it back together. Sigh!

    • alifesgayventure Thursday December 10, 2015 at 3:59 pm #

      if u like it a lot it might be worth it to repair it, but a break in the bridge area is not easy to glue back. i must say those frames are very expensive. i googled them and they cost £129. that is only the frame, prescription glasses will be more.

      • Garfield Hug Thursday December 10, 2015 at 10:10 pm #

        Yes it was expensive in total. It was a gift from one whom I loved very much. We are no longer together and when it broke, it was symbolic to me to let go! As they say time heals all wounds but loss of a pair of useful eye wear ha ha!

      • alifesgayventure Thursday December 10, 2015 at 10:14 pm #

        yes,it sounds symbolic, to let go.

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