sunrise and sunset

13 Dec

london 9.28am

Dec. 13, 2015 Rise Set
Actual Time 7:57 AM GMT 3:51 PM GMT

i have noticed a curious thing. the sunset time seem to get stuck at about 3.51pm, as the days shorten. it is the sunrise time that seem to get later and later. that means it gets dark at about the same time every day till we get to the shortest day, but not with sunrise, it is only the mornings that we notice it leaping away later and later.

why it should do that is a mystery to me.

time is such a funny thing. as any man made thing, it does not always follow what the earth and sun are really doing.

to those who like lighter mornings, nature seem to persist in making it stay dark and what is more,getting darker for them. whilst making the sunset stay the same time. though perhaps in compensation once we pass the shortest day, the mornings might start to get brighter faster and faster, whilst the sunset continue to be about the same. well, in a fair world that will happen , but nature does not play fair, so it would be real funny if after the winter solstice, the evenings get to move  more rapidly later, whilst the sunrise hardly moves. 

added. 31.12.15 thursday it is true, the sunrise stays at 8.06am, whilst the sunset is 4pm today.


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