if it is not flooding, it is snowing

13 Dec

london 7.11am 7.6C light rain. sunday 2015

saw a daily telegraph article about snow in the north england, and looked out and saw light rain here, and quite mild, at least in my flat without heating, the nhs thermometer says 18C. in fact i was woken by being too hot under the duvet.

the village that got flooded twice by storm dermond, now got snow. and i was thinking hmm, perhaps if it had snowed when the rains fell they would not be flooded. because the snow would trap the water and allow it to be gradually dispersed as it slowly melts. there is a lot to be said for snow when there is so much rain coming down. it regulates the release of the water over a longer period of time, allowing it to flow away and the rivers can cope with it. perhaps i should rewrite my heading to say , oh good it is snowing, so we wont be flooded. when u see the video of the flooded areas , u suspect it is a flood plain. people forget that they have built houses on a flood plain. or developers and council have ignored the implications of it.

even now with the govt trying to get more houses built, i read a report saying council and developers have been encroaching on the flood plains and allowing planning permission for the new housing to be built there. they should insist the buildings are on stilts. 

perhaps instead of imposing so much money on countries to  to try to bring the earth’s temperature down a notch or two , they should be spending the money building houses on stilts, and flood barriers or strengthening their river banks.  

and use the money to help building up those islands which will be flooded by raising their beaches or failing that to build a whole lot of infrastructure above ground so that they become a venice , a whole city built on submerged land.(now i come to think of it, those olden day builders of venice are to be congratulated their work have lasted a long time and still lasted even now. )

who knows those islands  may turn out to be desireable locations like venice has been. it must be quite surreal to see a city rise out of the empty sea . maybe with protective domes over some parts of it…when u approach it. 

i remember in my childhood seeing attap huts on high stilts, and boats underneath in the villages in malaysia. at the time i did not think of it, not even to wonder  why they have a boat under the house miles from the sea. haha. but now i realise it was a very practical solution to flooding. the ground floor can still be used in between the floods, which may not occur yearly but once in 4 or 5 or 10 yrs. we could do that in northern lands, in preparation for the effects of global warming. and if it turns out we dont get the warming, or it occurs like 100 yrs later, why then no harm done. if it does come, we are well prepared.  that is a better strategy than to try to stop the temperature rise. that strategy is   like canute trying to stop the waves. 

in the tropics there is no snow to contain the heavy rains, so flooding is the norm. it is just our modern ways that make us forget that flooding is always part of the life in tropical areas that are used to the rain and dry seasons. that has always been so.

now in uk, i bet if u ask people if they prefer snow  to floods they will chose snow. even though it brings a whole lot of new discomforts, but generally snow is not so destructive to property as flooding. unless we start going back to building houses on stilts, which might be the way forward for the future. 

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