peckham boy made good

13 Dec

london 8.01am 7.4C cloud. sunday

there is a barrage of star wars advertising and articles that we are subjected to in the coming new star wars film, and i saw this about a peckham boy made good. john boyega. nice to see it can happen.

i was in peckham rye yesterday, gone there to get the free burger that honest burger opening day in peckham rye. there were quite a lot of school children queuing up with their parents. quite a family affair, unlike other queues like it in central london during the opening of a new branch by these designer burger places.

with the hype that the peckham boy and star wars brings,  it looks like honest burger made a good decision to bring peckham into the fold of the becoming places.

did u know it is only 12mins by train from victoria? or to victoria if u live in peckham rye. i was really surprised at how quick the train journey with only one stop at denmark hill; who would have thought, because i have gone to denmark hill  or near there, by bus 185 and it took an age.

i can see it might appeal to the yuppy looking to find a cheap place whilst being so near to central london. though the service is only half an hour interval, instead of a 5min interval if it is a tube service. but there are other services that can take u to canary water, etc and on to end at dalston junction .  so with one trip u can go from south london to north london, bypassing the crowded central traffic all in half and hour.

i got to chatting with the kid behind me who was queuing for his family, and the mother with two kids in front of me. she said, when i asked her do u think there are people here who would pay £10 for a burger and chips?,(with drinks that will come to more)  that there are… she said it is a nice place for people to come eat with friends and socialise. ( and honest burger is giving 250 free burger meals to local peckham residents all that day if they bring in proof of residence.)

i said i like that they do a pink hamburger which is the default , unless u ask otherwise.

 though i noticed she ordered it well done for her and the two kids… for that u might as well go eat in a macdonalds, which is only £2 if u get their ubiquitous voucher. and with that u get chips too. 

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