just musings

14 Dec

london 5.21pm 10.8C dry, overcast. monday 2015

i thought i shall do the laundry today and threw all the clothes into the washing machine, and later , when i went to the kitchen i saw the washing is done and so took out the clothes and draped them over the clothes rack in the spare bedroom.

it was easy to do and i wondered why people say doing the laundry is a chore. nothing is easier. ironing is a chore. that i will agree , but not the laundry with our modern washing machines and spin driers.

 i have not needed to do any ironing since i stopped work. work shirts and trousers are the only reason to do the ironing. since then i have worn fleece and track pants and never need to iron anything at all. that is one thing i can cut out of my life that i am grateful for. haha.

since i went to peckham rye recently, i have realised i can get to the old kent road and the aldi and asda there by train and it is going to be quicker than by bus which i have always done in the past.

i wonder why i never considered going there by train before. i think because i did not realise that going to denmark hill, or peckham rye is so quick, only 10mins by train from victoria. i have since found out that if i change at denmark hill, i can take the london south overground line to queens road peckham, and then take the bus P12 , 2stops to the old kent road right between the asda and the aldi supermarkets. i think i shall be using the trains from now on.

the good thing about the buses is that i dont have to walk far to change buses and it takes me right to my doorstep. so maybe coming back i might take the bus. you know it can be a lot of fun going on a new route and exploring parts of london which i dont normally go to. but i did wonder that we are creatures of habit. i have been so used to going there by bus that i never considered the trains.

but it is curious that the whole length of the old kent road, a road with a series of supermarkets and businesses, has not a single railway station serving it. i think it is a strong arguement to take the southern extension of the bakerloo line through that rather than through camberwell. i wonder where they will site the new stations though. maybe some of the business parks along the route can be used.

 i am seeing on my tv screen the film ‘the longest day’, i have never seen it before. the black and white film is really very clear and looks like new. none of that blurry and scratchy picture and sound track , but of course it is not a real old film, it is a re-enactment, played by english actors, even the german parts. so i guess it might have a biased slant for the victors, which is us. haha.

the germans come across as being absolutely fooled and incompetent.

i wonder if they will show the blood and horrific deaths , so far it looks like a beach outing.. even the sea is calm and it seems to they are invading in daylight. i thought it was at night , the actual invasion.  and all the time the boats were landing, the film shows the germans not doing much … i guess if u are the victor u can indulge in your version of history.

oh, i see robert mitchum is there. he is the token american. haha. or is he british?

yesterday i saw the film of ‘the day of the jackal’. i have seen a bit of it before, but now i caught a bit more. it is  really well acted and scripted, extraordinary, and unlike  the recent mass killings of openly marauding terrorists who just shot at passerbys and restaurant diners in paris, this one is done by stealth, evading the french police, to kill charles de gaulle. well, we know charles de gaulle was not assassinated… so not sure if it is history or fiction. was it based on a true incident or what? was there  an unsuccessful attempt on his life?whether fiction or fact, the film  was done magnificently.

oh i say, sean connery is there in that longest day film too. maybe i should be asking who is not there, it seems all the famous actors of the day are in it.  



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