luke, wookie

16 Dec

london 9.57pm. 14.7C wednesday 2015

this website is very spot on. i actually caught that weather report and saw it just when she said those words. and i had my subtitles on and it translated her ‘look’ as ‘luke’. i noticed it but i dont think it translated the ‘lucky’ into ‘wookie’ though when i heard it again, in the video, it did sound like ‘wookie’.

i had a good laugh over it, thanks to these guys in yamadonkey. haha. they are very quick on the uptake, hats off to them to record it and put it up so quickly on the website. and very apt especially tonight, when there was all the hoohaa and live webcam of the premiere opening night of star wars 7 in leicester square.  there are more star wars referrals in that weather report, see if u can spot them. clever of her to put them in so smoothly. 

 added 17.12.15 one newspaper has written about it with some of the star war references. its rather amusing i think.


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