18 Dec

london 7.35am 13.2C(still dark outside sunrise 8.02am

Dec. 18, 2015 Rise Set
Actual Time 8:01 AM GMT 3:52 PM GMT

i noticed sunset is starting to get later againi am confusing myself. normally i would expect the sunset to get earlier. so i would expect it to be 3.49pm as we get closer to the winter solstice. but it is not happening. instead it is getting later. this is really confusing to me. 

it has been at 3.51pm for quite a time. last year it settled at 3.53pm (and 8.05am) at the winter solstice before retreating. 

anyway today i read this article about the smartphones replacement by most people being about 1.8yrs. that is what people say, but in reality it might be longer now what with having to move their music and pictures and what not to the new phone not being as easy to do. it seems people using notebook pc says they replace it every 3yrs, but in reality they do it every 5yrs.

i myself say i replace my pc every 5 yrs, but in reality it is 7yrs. and i expect to use my present chrome book for as long as it lasts, because it upgrades itself automatically and so as long as it keeps working, i expect to use it for at least 10yrs. haha.

i have not even gone into smartphones. and allready this article is  saying the smartphone market is reaching saturation. here in uk, the smartphones are being subsidised by the phone companies because they allow u to upgrade your smartphone with their call plans, where u can pay by installment but that is now not so much a bargain as they are adding the interest payment. so that might explain why replacement rate is reducing. 

  but this does not happen in other countries, and people have to pay upfront. how can they afford it? … aren’t these countries full of poor people? ( of course i forget that there are a few that are real filthy rich)but i see all those invading migrants coming to europe have smartphones…, it makes me wonder what do we mean by poor nowadays.

poor people can now afford smartphones? or are the smartphones really quite cheap there and artificially inflated in uk, just to force people here in the uk to pay for calling plans?

or are we getting a better class of refugees? not a down trodden bunch of desperate asylum seekers but  economic migrants, who can make demands, like refusing to submit to finger printing etc. or resorting to charging the barricades in calais? 

seems to me there are various marketting ploys that skews us here in uk towards shackling us with a phone company’s calling plan.

people may start to ask themselves why use a smartphone when u can just buy a chromebook and use the free wifi that is everywhere? and just use an ordinary phone to make phone calls and text. which is what i am doing. i have a feeling many will realise they have been fooled by the hype.

even i myself have been tempted to get a smartphone, when talk talk gave me free 250mb data. but remember that little bit of data will lead u to use more and more and before u know it u are trapped. beware of people bearing gifts. haha.

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