a glut of 2wk tv guides

19 Dec

london 10.56am 16C sun and cloud. saturday 2015

all the papers in the library have tv guides covering the two weeks over christmas and new year. so we can be picky and chose the ones we like. wait a day , or in this case, wait till monday (this library closes on sundays) and u can take them away. with their easy and free availability , i wonder why people buy tv guides. but maybe i should not mention this, where will we be if no one buys the newspapers, or tv guides. a lot of people will be out of work.

we can get tv guides online too.

capitalism is such a good thing here. or a free market economy is such a good thing.

i am really surprised that libraries are allowed to undermine the newspapers by buying them and letting us all read them for free. i am really glad they do, and am grateful for them . truly they are providing a public service. perhaps it wont last. because allready i am reading of councils closing libraries. so maybe the businesses are striking back. i mean they are undermining the book industry by providing books that people can borrow for free and read for free.

i hope they dont close the libraries for good. it would be a great pity if they do.

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