20 Dec

london 8.36pm sunday 2015

i read that the young dont seem to like vintage furniture anymore, the prices of those are coming down. maybe it is nothing more than the prices correcting themselves as they rise and rise. there must come a point when people just dont think it is value for money and the prices fall. so i think that time has come, and it is not anything to do with vintage furniture going out of fashion with the younger generation.

 furniture is something that we can take or leave. unlike houses, that is why house prices keep going up and up and dont seem to have a ceiling. the only way house prices fall is if the  whole city falls out of favour, like detroit.

people start to leave in droves and that is when prices will plummet. can u see a time when it happens to london? i don’t. i think prices will rise, eating out in restaurants, entertainment, bars and clubs, be prepared to see their prices rise. but at the same time, i think we will find businesses springing up to cater to the low end of the market.

£ shops, pop ups eating places, macdonalds/kfc, burgerkings. just to mention the most obvious.

home cooking will remain the most affordable way to live. no matter how much price rises, i think it is still possible to find bargains in raw ingredients, vegetables, some meats(pork) will be affordable.

i think that is the future. even now i can see places that are historically low priced countries, like malaysia, thailand, etc are rising in price. they are not as cheap as they used to be. price rises are inevitable.

i think places like london are just foretelling how the rest of the world  will be in future. but dont despair; even here in london, some things are cheaper than others.

it is possible to live quite cheaply here in london. i am doing it. and i think that will be the strategy of many astute people in london in future. there will be a subculture of low cost living in london that is hiding underneath the very expensive official image of london that is presented to the tourist , the rich, and the tax man.

already the internet is making it possible to run your own business using your  home as the base , cab driving, sharing services, catering in the home and holding home dinners, i can see a time when u can run a business entirely based on the internet and from no official premises,getting your customers all within that media.

hmm,  i wonder how i got to get to talking of the economy in london in future;  from just ordinary musings about what i read.

i was enjoying myself today by going to the library which opens on sunday and reading the sunday papers. very relaxing, and then i caught the bus 23 just as it came to the bus stop, and it took me to picadilly circus, via oxford st,( that part of it between bond street tube and oxford st tube is really jammed with shoppers. )just so i can go to chinatown to buy darksoya sauce.

i wonder when did i last buy it?, i think about 2 months ago. i got a finance app ( called finance41)in my chrome book, but ever since it start asking me to pay a subscription, it has been limiting my access to it. it is a very good program though, very easy to use and to understand. but i only use it to record how much veg , meat, etc i buy a month. haha.

last month, i spent £105.06, of which £67 was council tax. and £15 was for 20kg of rice. so that balance of  £23 for food etc.

there was a time when it was a feat to spend £1 a day on food, and i am spending less than that a day. i am amazed really at that month, which goes to show that £1 a day on food is attainable but i am not sure it is sustainable. i cannot access the other months to see how often i reach that target(that is where the website restricts me)  but as i said,  it is really very cheap to live in london. i think it is rare that i exceed £50 a month on food etc.

ideally i should just open up a spreadsheet and put all my purchases on it, that way i dont have to rely on any third party. but i dont know how to make a spreadsheet. haha. there are gaps in my knowledge and this is one of them, making a spreadsheet presentation.

in fact, a lot of office stuff i dont know how to do. windows office is a mystery to me. and now forever will remain a mystery as i am with chrome now and windows is not accessible to me. maybe google doc has a similar thing, but i dont know where it is. ah well, just as well, because just my wanting  to know what i spend on  is not very important. i just make sure my outgoings never exceeds my income, and that is that… budgetting make easy. haha.

it would be nice to know the percentage of things that i spend on, and how often, but that is only for curiosity’s sake. i mean it is nice to know how often i buy soya sauce, but it is so far in between, that it is not expensive.

i think that is the secret of living within your means. dont splash things about and use things excessively. washing liquid and laundry washing is a case in point. i have seen people (I am looking at simon now haha) being heavy handed when it comes to using the soap. he used to go through a fairy liquid bottle very quickly… so much so that i think even he realises it is too expensive to continue. he has stopped buying them and let me buy my 33p tesco basic washingupliquid, and £1.50 basic tesco laundry liquid. haha. and even then i dilute them.

you see fairy liquid advertising how they are like 50% more strong than other brands and so u can do 50% more washes, and more plates … but they know that people will just splash it on even if it is more concentrated and use up as much. their bottles dont have a stop that delivers a fixed amount at any one time. that is why  a plunger on the bottle would be a good addition. but u never see any of these bottles sold with a plunger.

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