e-paper bus stops

22 Dec

london 7.12pm 14.4C had rainded, dry now. tuesday 2015

i have not seen this in the bbc newsite.

i got it from my facebook. dont know how it got there but it is bbc news which i seem to have befriended.

for some reason i got notification by email that i got messages there. i dont clik on the link in the email, as it is likely to be spam. but it prompted me to log independantly on  my facebook page and saw this post put up by bbc news.   it is interesting.

they mentioned e -paper bus stops.link

how are they different from the present digital signboard that is placed on the roof of the bus shelter? that tells u when the next buses are coming. they are very useful, but  even now, not all bus shelters have these digital signboards. and they tell us now that they are going for this new e-paper signs. i think they should not waste their money but just extend the digital sign that they have.

 and even though they say this new solar powered e-paper will show routes, we have that now printed on paper on the post, permanently, and easily seen. i rather rely on these printed paper routes rather than solar powered gadgets. 



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