first application of white space

22 Dec

london 7.46am tuesday 2015

this one caught my eye. we have heard that analogue tv has been replaced by digital tv, to free the frequencies that they use for the internet. it seems anyone can use those white space now. 

TV white space (TVWS) is the parts of the wireless spectrum that were freed up in the digital TV switchover in the UK. It can be used to deliver innovative wirelsouess services with potential applications such as the provision of broadband to rural or coastal areas, digital signage, or the monitoring of animals or the environment.

The vacant channels can be used by anyone without a licence, as long as they use equipment that connects to a qualified database. Nominet’s TVWS database tells devices which channels are available for use in their specific geographical location, preventing unwanted interference with TV broadcasts and other licensed users of the TV spectrum, such as radio microphones. Each TVWS device can have a range of up to 30km.

sounds exciting doesn’t it? read the link here.

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