today is the actual winter solstice

22 Dec

london 7.09am 14.3C tuesday 2015

Dec. 22, 2015 Rise Set
Actual Time 8:04 AM GMT 3:53 PM GMT
Length of Visible Light 9h 10m
Length of Day
7h 49m
Tomorrow will be 0m4s longer.

so, finally the shortest day of the year. not surprising that olden days people celebrate this day. solstice means sun staying still. that describes how it rises at noon lower and lower in the sky until the lowest position in the sky  at noon on one day,before it starts to get higher in the sky at noon again. that would be how ordinary people in olden days notice it. 

though with the hit and miss nature of time keeping they did in old days i am sure the day they celebrate it might well be a day or two out. it does not matter does it? any excuse to have a feast haha.

that might also explain why 25th dec is a special day. it might take that long to notice the day is lengthening again. and that might also explain why so many religions seem to use it, or a similar day around now to hang their hook of significant event on it. who knows if not for the wonky time keeping of the old days, christmas might  be 21 dec after all. haha. instead i would like to think it was to replace saturnalia which was celebrated around december. and so they chose  25 dec, just so  the christians wanted a christian feast to overlay that decadent celebration of the heathens, and now the christian version has completely obliterated that heathen one, so much so that no one now celebrates that heathen one anymore.

i suspect that children in olden days were a collective responsiblity, and each child is not treated any different from another. they all were collectively looked after. so it might serve a community to have all the births come in a batch.

so saturnalia is a good way of ensuring lots of babies born 9months later, and have a bunch of nursing mothers to provide milk to all those babies and frees other mums from nursing duties and getting on with other businesses.

it seems to me to be a really good arrangement. and allows every child an equal chance to get advancement in that society.

now in our present time, if u are lucky to get born into a rich family u have a better chance than another born into a poor one. and the difference gets more pronounced with each generation. the inequalities get wider.

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