28 Dec

london 9.28am 11.6C cloud monday 2015

it’s a bank holiday today. this year the christmas weekend is a long one.

it falls on a friday and so we have a 4 day weekend. somehow when monday is a holiday , the break seem to feel rather longer.

for eg, if christmas was on tuesday, than it and wednesday will be holidays and then there are two working days after that making the following weekend seem like any other weekend.

that might explain why this time the christmas period seem to go very slowly. for me anyway. i kind of miss my daily library visits.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

some bagels going cheap (12p for 5) yesterday in tesco. got 4packs of strawberries too at 20p each. got other bargain stuff as well. holidays like this are great for reduced bargain prices in foodstuffs. these few days have been rather uneventful for me, just as well. i prefer living in uninteresting times, rather than the flood hit areas up north where they are living  very interesting lives now. lift your glasses in praise of the uninteresting life. haha.


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