free internet, or rather limited internet with free data.

28 Dec

london 9.03pm 12.4C monday 2015

mark zuckerberg’s free internet in india is being opposed, because they say it is contravening the ruling that internet must not discriminate.

so his limited internet free service in india is discriminatory and is suspended pending a ruling from the authorities . he argues here that his limited internet service is like the library and nhs hospital free service like in uk.

 here in uk we get free wifi that allows us to get onto the internet free, but that is because we are  potential customers for services and goods that advertisers wish to sell to us. hence the so called ‘free’ wifi is subsidised by advertising or data collecting. this doesnot apply in india where those who will benefit from a free internet are too poor to buy the services.

i think there are people who wont want his free internet available for the poor. it would be direct competition for their paid internet services. and this free internet would be free of advertising too. so i think they would use this excuse of a equal internet to kill this.

(on the other hand, it is linked to facebook. i think we can accept his assurance that it wont be biased to facebook business… though the data collected will be useful to it to gain information on what the poor search for. but a lot of people would be wary of allowing facebook and zuckerberg more influence and control over that free internet. also, it limits what can be accessed. that is something i am not happy about too. why not give these poor people the same freedom to access all parts of the internet?

philantropy does a lot of good, i mean just look at the peabody estate, that provide affordable housing to so many in london now. they were originally built to house poor people. so free internet will be very good for the poor in india. but it is limited.

maybe he thought that if it is unlimited access he will get a lot of opposition to it by businesses and be criticised for being uncompetitive, as it will certainly kill the private businesses that provide the paid -for internet. 

 it will encroach on those private businesses that provide internet as a business. who would want to subscribe to them if u can get free internet? only the fact that it is limited will stop it being so popular it kills all competition. even the rich will take advantage of the free internet with unlimited access if it is there.

but if u take london as a example, we have free internet now,

( why are they allowed to provide it without being accused of killing competition and creating an unequal internet, i wonder? oh, hang on i know why. because to access it via the smartphone still requires u to pay for the data, it is only if u use your laptop on wifi that u dont have to pay for it. what puzzles me is why people want to use their smartphone to do it when they have to pay for the data. why dont they use the laptop like i do? hmm, i dont do it that much, because it is bulky and inconvenient to carry around a laptop. so maybe that is why. )

in india it seems 90% gain access to the internet via a smartphone.

but here in uk people still subscribe to getting broadband at home… why? you would think with everyone using a smartphone to gain internet access why bother with paying again for broadband at home. right?

i mean i am subscribed to talktalk, even i who use the library free wifi… why do i do it;? because it is convenient, and my home broadband do not  restrict X rated websites, and also it is linked to high definition tv and tv on demand , something that i could not get if i dont have broadband… and now they have linked it to smartphones. with talk talk giving me a free mobile sim.

i can see why if i were in india, and have only a smartphone, it would be really nice to have a free internet without having to pay for the data, even if it is a limited access. it is better than nothing. it is all very well for those rich people and well meaning people to say net neutrality or none at all… but they are preventing me from getting free internet data and use of my smartphone without having to pay the earth for data. and personally i would not mind if facebook or zuckerberg gains from it. so what… good luck to him if he does find something out of it and make money out of it. 

it is difficult to see what will happen in future. we in uk got free internet access from the  public libraries, starbucks and other businesses, that provide free wifi.

in india, this is not happening, that is why zuckerberg is doing this free interet thing.

but is free internet access that crucial? right now indians are using their mobiles for doing business. that uptake is huge and is overiding the lack of landlines phones. they have jumped from landline phones straight to mobiles. and they dont use smart phone technology. the mobile with voice calls and text seem to be able to support businesses. my mistake there that is why i rule it out.

how useful is the internet for business? maybe those who can afford the internet will be the ones who are good customers… and so it will self select the group. anyone who cannot afford the internet are not good customers anyway. it would be rather bad for them,individually,  but they wont affect the businesses.

maybe those poor people can get to log onto free wifi from starbucks and other coffee shops or malls? but a laptop or smartphone is expensive, so how is the poor person going to afford that? it seems they all can afford a smartphone. i think smartphones are really cheap in india. if he can, than he can well afford to pay for the internet. for really free access, india will have to use its public libraries to provide the computer and the wifi … that way it is really free, as u dont need to buy a computer at all as u can use the library computers. this is what is happening in uk, where all the library computers and wifi is free to use, if u are a member and practically anyone can be a member for free. the only ones not able to use it are homeless people with no address… and that might be the biggest drawback in india too. 

well, i was thinking of myself and wondering if that is what a poor person in india would relate to. i dont really need to pay a monthly premium for a mobile. a pay as i go sim is good enought. and i dont need a smartphone either.  so i imagine poor people in india dont really need it either. as long as they can steal a wifi signal or get online from public bodies , they should be able to access the internet for normal use. realise it is wrong. they all have smartphones and no one have laptops. that is why things are not the same in india. i hope the free limited internet with free data will be re-installed in india, but i think if it does not then maybe there might be another and  better solution to be found in india in future to get all  people to gain access to the internet.

Free Basics, part of Facebook’s campaign, offers a selection of basic apps including travel, weather and news, to smartphone users in developing countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Through a deal between Facebook and local mobile operators, the data to access those services is free. link

added. 9.2.16 tuesday 2016. india has confirmed it will stop his free internet. i think it is a pity, the poor will be discriminated against, but then in india since when have the poor ever not been discriminated against?? no one in govt speaks out for the poor, that is why the govt can stop anything like this.

but i think, if u look at it in a purely logical way, u will come to the conclusion that it pays to keep a poor mass of people in place in any society , they provide a pool of cheap labour, that will allow everyone else to live well. they perform the role of slaves in ancient society. 

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