so what u gonna do for the new year eve?

29 Dec

london 4.11pm 11.9C tuesday 2015

thank goodness the holiday is over. haha. this is the longest christmas i have felt… at least as far as my memory lasts, which is not very far. i think i can only remember last christmas. it was not so long last time.

so this morning i went off to the library with a glad heart. some place else to go to and get out of the flat for a change.

i know how dull my life, if the highlight is to go to the library. very true… after 4 days being glued to the tv, it can pale and lose its novelty.

even though the programs are quite good. with lots of new programs and drama, best of which is the agatha christie adaptation of ‘then there were none’. it is a very faithful adaptation, keeping to the book ending.

there was one film adaptation of a book which was disappointing to me. it is hogfather, the film adaptation of terry pratchett’s novel of the same name. i think read is better than seen. oh, simon just came in asking me if there is any fresh chili. i have just cut up the last one in my freezer.

so i shall go to brixton tomorrow to buy some more. a good excuse to get out and about i think.

simon got back from his mum’s today  yesterday.

he got christmas off, and his holiday break is finishing today and he starts another work shift tomorrow which is likely to extend over new year. so he looks like he will be working over new year. that would save him wondering where to go for the new year eve .

what about me? if u care to ask, haha. oh, i usually spend it at home. but i might just pop over to the bridges nearby to see some bits of the fireworks. it is ticket only if u want to see it upclose, (and it is sold out long ago) but on the bridgers that are further off, u can go and see it free. but do i want to?

what about spending it indoors in a club, you may ask. in the past that was how i spend it. inside a gay club with lots of other gay guys. i still might do it, because my favourite club is doing a special, £12 for two nights, new year eve and new year day, and both are nude nights. which is how i like them. haha. i think if i got a friend who wants to go, i will be persuaded to go. somehow if a friend wants to go, i am more willing to move my butt and go with him. but if left to myself, i will most probably take the easy way out and just watch it all on tv. hehe. 


2 Responses to “so what u gonna do for the new year eve?”

  1. Sarah M Wednesday December 30, 2015 at 10:16 am #

    yeah xmas is always longer when they happen at weekends, because you get the extra day to make up for it

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday December 30, 2015 at 11:00 am #

      oh, so it is not just me thinking it is so long this year. and so warm too. also, it felt so long because the libraries take it as an excuse to close down on sat and sun. that reminds me, this new year day, the library is closed but only on that day, the weekend remains as usual. oh good.

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