we make our beds

1 Jan

london 6.42am new year day 2016, 6C, still dark outside but dry.

i read garfieldblog’s post just now and it really reminded me that i forgot to send new year greetings to my family. i know, you can well ask, how can anyone forget that? i am afraid i do.

it is partly because i have long since not bothered with new year… i mean i tend not to bother with birthdays and anniversaries, and new year is lumped in with those categories.

it is i think one of the things that i find i fall into when i get older. in a way it is a certain selfishness that u see in old people… they go their way and no amount of reasoning with them will make them change their ways. i can see that trait in me developing…

i see a tv program ‘catherine tates nan’ about a loud rude overbearing granny played by catherine tate, and i can see she got the old man/woman madness really well. fortunately i have not got to that rude stage telling off people without any restraint, at least not to their faces. haha. but u can see how there are such old people and u begin to realise is that what we will all come to if we live long enough? or we get into dementia… ? both of which seem to give a strong arguement for euthanasia.

you know, they all say there are many lonely old people or old people who are alone.  and when u have dealings with them, u might understand why. they dont make any effort to connect with others, and just let all communication die of neglect (that is me i am afraid), or they quarrel with family and break off contact at a whim, and then forget to connect; or just like being unbothered with the problems of their children or family… and the children, or family not bother with them, until one day they get unwell, and wish they had bothered. or their children have moved far from home, to another country even, so things just left unspoken and unheard because it is too much bother to keep up.

all this leaves old people on their own, unless they are lucky enough to make friends, near by… but then their friends are likely to be their age, and they might find the friends died or got ill before them, and they end up looking after them!!

is that what we can all look forward to in life? so saddening isn’t it? and what a thought for the new year, when things should be hopeful and uplifting. yuk, i wonder if i should post this. dont want to dampen people’s excitement about a new year. posts should be happy and uplifting and optimistic.

oh well, it is hopefully long into the future that any of us will get that old… i have a feeling that is the ultimate fate of everyone who live long enough.

but meanwhile all the more reason to appreciate our health and life now and be truly happy and appreciative of it.

2 Responses to “we make our beds”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday January 2, 2016 at 12:50 pm #

    Thanks for mentioning my post 😊

  2. alifesgayventure Saturday January 2, 2016 at 1:44 pm #

    your post gave me a kick , reminding me that i have not kept in touch with family for years. i did not realise it. and it served me right when i sent my new year greeting to the family yahoo group to have my brother write back to ask, who is this? haha. i was using another email address which dont have my name on it. they are all on facebook it seems, and i dont really go into my facebook at all.

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