festival of light 14.1-17.1.2016

3 Jan

london 12.36pm 10.1C rain sunday 2016

saw in the observer newspaper in the library this article about light installations on show in the west-end and kings cross from 14jan  . visitlondon.com/lumiere

then there is this article in the observer about people having trouble with their power suppliers. 

this is about some customers getting wrong bills. from it i can see if they had immediately called up the company on the freeline and give it their account number and  their meter reading it would have solved all the problems before it got to that stage where the mistake escalates to the bailiffs being called in. 

i too was billed wrongly by np when i first moved to them, their estimated reading was not correct, so i called their free line and gave them my reading, and i got a corrected bill later in the post. so that was that, problem solved and  potential future trouble avoided. now why dont those people do that?

and only yesterday i called their free line and gave them my meter reading. i do it every three months. i have been doing it without them reminding me. 


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