thinking of your holiday abroad?

5 Jan

london 9.37pm 9.9C tuesday 2016 it says fog, but when i look outside, it does not look foggy. sky looks clear, the road is wet which suggests that it rained earlier.

i am sure it cannot be busy in town tonight. certainly when i take a look at the outside through my window, i dont feel any urge to go out. i am glad to be indoors and not outside.

and people are skint, and want to lose weight, or so i gather from reading in the newspapers… all those articles about dieting, and having a dry january, or having a veganuary.

someone mentioned that not every person who  is skint is because they have overspent over christmas, so they say dont criticise these people as  feckless people who bring misfortune on themselves … some are skint because their income had dropped due to not working over the christmas and new year break. many businesses take extended holidays and so are not opened and the workers are not earning, or if they are self employed no one is giving them any work. so for these people the extended holidays are a poor time. 

the evening standard have a article saying next, the clothes chain of shops reported poor earnings over the christmas period. Next the clothes chain, it seems, have not  reported a drop in sales before. and they suspect other high street chains will be reporting the same.

well january will be even bleaker, or will it? i was up on the bus crawling along regent street to oxford circus this afternoon, and it did seem less crowded than usual. 

Next blames the mild weather… whilst acknowledging that it is a poor excuse to blame the weather. i should think so too. i mean if it is snowing will they blame the bad weather? though we would most probably look more kindly on that excuse as blaming it on  snow sounds a better excuse than mild weather for bad sales.

it must be very tiring to be always chasing sales, and always wanting sales to go up and up. what an awful way to live.

i do enjoy this weather we are having. it is cooling down now. still mild as far as i am concerned. but my friends dont like the cold, saying they are going away ,one to malaysia, the other to goa, india; to get some warm weather. another is allready in mexico. so most of them have their thoughts turned to planning their holidays abroad.

they still like travelling abroad. i am glad i dont like that anymore, so i dont feel envious of them. all i can think of when i hear them, is silently saying to myself, rather they then me. haha.

the papers are full of adverts for holidays. and cruises. and the weekend newspapers are full of travel articles.

i suppose it can bring on depression for those who are allready thinking their lives are dull, to read all these people supposedly having a wonderful time abroad, and they are stuck in cold grey london. one of my friends feel that way. i tell him otherwise, but of course he dont believe me. 


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