chat for 1hr free on talktalk for 10p.

6 Jan

london 7.56am 10.8C tuesday 2015

this is an old post that i found in my draft section in my blog. i think i wrote it in dec. last year. i know that because  i can see the year that i noted when i wrote it.unfortunately when it is a draft , it does not say what date it is written on.

free chat for 10p at talktalk. i saw a banner advert by talktalk saying u can do that and saw they are giving a sim card that allows u to talk for 60mins free once you pay for a connection at 10p. currently calls are charged 4p per min. there are so many bargain deals now at talktalk, it is quite tempting. i have got their free 100min talk, and 250 text , 200mb data.

i think all these offers are great if u are allready a talktalk customer for your landline. it is another incentive to stay with them. 

london 8.22pm 8.5C wednesday 2016 6jan

this advert is still coming up now and then on my chromebook. it is a very tempting offer, even though i have a free offer from them of 100 free talk minutes , 250 text a month. i thought at first that i will be using my phone a lot  chatting to friends when i got it, but i find i dont. so it does not make any sense for me to be tempted by this chat for 1hr for 10p. so why am i tempted? i wonder? i think if u know why, u can make a fortune in sales. 

i was wondering why i dont use this free chat that i have now , and can only say i have for so long not called people to chat that i have lost the habit. so now when i do chat on the phone, i find i am not at ease. and i find i am reluctant to call them to chat, as i felt they might have other things to do, or may not have time to have long chats, essentially about nothing. and i dont gossip, so there really isn’t much to chat about. 

it is really all about habits, that is why i find it is just as difficult to start a new habit as it is difficult to get rid of an old one. 



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