electricity 2oct2015-2 jan 2016

7 Jan

london 12.29pm 9.7C rain thursday 2016

the bill for the autumn quarter arrived in the post today.

263kwh over 93days @.1667p/kwh = £43.85

47p/day. 2.82kwh/day

interestingly, they gave me £12, they say it is the govt electricity rebate. i don’t know what it is in aid of, but whatever it is, i will take it. haha. i happened to look at last year’s bill, and it also shows a £12 rebate by the govt. so it looks like this rebate is annual.

my electricity cost is very low. i wonder if others too are doing as well as me.

compare with last quarter, and the quarter before that and not much has changed. except i noticed in summer months i use slightly less electricity per day. (2.82kwh/day as opposed to 2.59kwh/day then or an extra 3.84p a day between summer and winter usage. it would be interesting for me to see if the next 3 months of winter will see another rise in daily use. though i do notice i have been gradually increasing my use of electricity. it was 2.51kwh/day and 41p a day last winter quarter.

the only thing i have changed is that we got a HD” tv screen, and using it more because it is much nicer to see films and programs on HD now than before when we were using the old analogue tv screen. and that tv must use up electricity.


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