another free invite to an exhibition

9 Jan

london 4.04pm friday 2016 11.9C cloudy, some rain.

this one i got in an email, giving me free ticket to see the place in the sun exhibition in olympia on 6-8may 2016. well, at first i thought i wont bother to get the ticket, but i had second thoughts , no harm in getting it, and later nearer the time i can decide to go or not. or give the ticket to someone else.

i have been two years ago, when i got a free ticket, and did not go last year because they did not send me a free invite; and this year they did. haha. the exhibition is linked to the tv program of the same name. 

the last time i went i thought it was all right, but found i was not really interested as i dont really want to buy any property abroad. what is the point? if u own someplace abroad, it  means there is pressure to go there every year  to make full use of it, and i just know it will get boring if i have to go every year.

the big reason why people buy these places is the sun. but since i never did worship the sun that much, i can take it or leave it. and for the last 10 yrs at least i have left it, not bothering to holiday in europe in summer.

also,the air fares are not such a good bargain anymore. and that is another reason not to buy. in the past, air fares are so cheap, you can just hop onto a plane and go there any old weekend.

recently i looked at easy jet fares to murcia, (because it is near vera playa, the naturist area in spain) and it is over £100 rtn. and this was in june 2016. in july,august it will be even more. so no thanks.

i can understand sun lovers will be tempted to buy a place in those sunny areas, because in uk, the sun is fickle and unreliable. haha.

but most of them dont realise that even if u do go there, u can get too much sun, in that it gets too hot; or their winters are just as cold as uk, though they might have more sun. so u end up not going except in small windows of good weather in spring or autumn when the weather and fares are just right. 

and then there is the question of what to do when u are there. most of them end up drinking more than is good for them. haha.

now i come to think about, there really is nothing that exciting that i want to do now,that i dont allready can do if i want. so i was thinking winning a lot of money wont really change much for me. in fact, it might make it worst, in that with all that money, i start thinking i got to do something with it, or go somewhere, or buy more stuff, or get more experience, much of it i might not be interested to do at all. i mean bungy jump? or high dive and parachute down? i have no interest in doing them, and i doubt having lots of money will make me want to do them .

it makes me think there is nothing really that having a lot of money will improve my life right now. it is very good allready.





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