my favorite calendar

10 Jan

london 3.35pm 8.8C cloudy sunday 2016

there is a free calendar given away by the daily mail today. it features the queen to celebrate her 90yrs. i had a look at it in the shop and saw it is only A4 size, which is too small for my liking. i have a calendar of normal size which i like a lot. i first got it on 2008, and have been using it ever since. i paste a A4 sheet over the date section, and write my reminders on it. 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

it’s rather tattered, but the size is just right there is room to write in each square. i thought the pages are rather torn and falling off the spine and i will need to replace it soon with a new one.

but i dont really want to replace it with this year’s calendar. because i am going to paste a A4 sheet over it anyway. the sheet is from old letters sent to me , i use the backside, so that is the way i recycle all those spam letters  i get. 

 my ideal would be to find last year’s calendar which a person have thrown away, but it is a strange thing, but i have never found one in all these years. what do people do with their old calendars? do they reuse it like me? haha. 

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