meter man reads my electricity wrong

14 Jan

london 1.15pm 6.2C cloudy, thursday 2016

i just came back from the library and the door bell rang and it ws the meter man come to read the meter.

i always check their reading against mine, so when he started with 6, i quickly said, please dont say that. it is a 5. and he started telling me how to read it. haha. the poor ignorant fool. he does not even know that he does not know. the most dangerous kind of ignorance. and he insists he is right.

but i refused to give way because i know the terrible consequences if he gets his way. the reading will be out by 10,000 units, i cannot bear to think what trouble i will be having trying to convince their computers that it is the wrong reading and they will be sending the bailiffs to collect the balance. i calculate it will be £1667 . 

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCamera

looking at the meter reading, you can see why it is a mistake a person can make, but once it is pointed out to you , it is also easy for someone in the know to acknowledge that, and to correct it at once. so he is bad, in that he does not admit there is a mistake made and to learn from it next time…a lesson  to be aware that it is easy to read the meter wrong when it is close to the end of the range.

this guy is from a company that has been contracted by npower, my electric provider, to read the meters.

eventually i showed him my own page of readings, all starting with 5, and also told him the npower sent someone only a month ago to read it, and he puts it as a 5. (actually now i had time to think, it was 3months ago.) . i hope this guy realised his mistake and not change it to 6 when he leaves the flat.

we hear of horrendous bills that people get after many years of usage and suddenly the company tells them they have underpaid… and i wonder if it is sometimes due to a mistake made by one meter man. not many people know how to read these electricity meters. i suppose when it gets all digital mistakes like this wont happen. 

the reading is 59478. the last time it changed from 4 to 5 was sept 2008. it might take another 5 or 6 months before it changes to 6.

added.8.55am 30.9.16 14.6C sunny friday. it changed to a 6 on 20.7.2016





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