lights brightening up january nights

16 Jan

london 7.27pm 4.8C. dry saturday 2016

every year, around this time, people’s thoughts turn to warmer climes. either we look up holiday flights and dream of a hot tropical paradise to visit, or as it happens today in the news, i read they are thinking of creating one in london. someone is thinking of opening a hot weather venue in london. and expect it to come to fruition in 2017.  like a centre parc in london. well, it sounds like they will take over a building and in it, transform the inside into a tropical paradise, with waterfalls, artificial sun, sky, beach. there is allready a concept like this in germany, and doing well, it seems. this one intends to use it as a adult only venue in the night. will there be a demand from brits for this? i wonder? i mean right now if we want a bit of warmth, we go to a sauna. 

or to a 24hr spa, a euphemism for a bit of hanky panky where u get steam rooms, sauna, jacuzzi,swimming pool, rest rooms, etc. so perhaps this one would evolve into a more ambitious spa. and who knows if they have a few nights where it is clothing optional, i might even go there. haha. ah well, some people dont like the cold, even though london is not really that cold, and so they dream of getting away from it, in any form.

it is not helped in that every article they read, reinforces that january is a gloomy, depressing, cold, dark, month. it is not so, at least in london, where we are quite south enough so that sunset is at 4pm, and sunrise at about 8am at its lowest point. added. 17.1.16 in fact they are trying to convince us that the 3rd monday of january is a blue monday… but it seems londoners dont agree

but when we got electricity and everything is lit up, we get to do lots of things even if the night comes. in fact, when used creatively light can be very uplifting, as i found out when i went to the town yesterday to look at the lumiere light shows that are all over london this 4 days.

i find the floating fish like structures very evocatively moving… i see a lot of people videoing it in their smart phones, and i hope they will post some of it to show others the languid movements and the changing lights . added.17.1.16 found a page from londonist showing a video of the main light features and briefly shows these flying fish. but when the video ends, it also links on to other videos that show more of it…



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