people are too easy to take offense

18 Jan

london 6.21pm 4.5C night, monday 2016

dont know why vegetarians are so angry about this ad.  gourmet burger is obviously a meat based business so naturally they will be pushing meat. i think it rather good, when they show that picture of the cow, and the caption, it eats grass so u dont have to. haha. even that riposte , posted by a vegetarian saying we kill them so u dont have to, seems to me quite funny too and in fact very true and thank goodness for it.

 i mean we meat eaters are not offended if a vegetarian restaurant were to advertise in bias of vegetables. we think it over the top that they say killing animals is murder. that is really confusing humans for animals, because murder is only applicable to humans. but hey, if it makes them feel good about it… why not… god knows it is terrible that they have to eat only vegetables so lets give them some pity and let them say anything they like if it makes them feel their sacrifice is worth it. 

killing animals for food has been going on for ages and ages, and if they think they want to rewrite history than they are as misguided as that rhodes scholar who takes the rhodes money whilst biting the hand that feeds him.

but all this is a first world storm in a teacup. at least here we all have lots to eat and no one is starving, or too poor to buy anything to eat. we in this first world situation are just happy to be able to argue with each other about whether to eat meat or veg and splitting hairs over this to me, very small problem.  instead of just starving, and neither having the energy to argue about anything at all because we are too busy trying to keep body and soul together. 

gourmetburger advert

funny advert from gourmetburger in the timeout free weekly magazine this morning.



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