awards and race

20 Jan

london 3.07pm some say 4C others 8.9C, so it looks like it depands on whether the thermometer is in the sunshine or shadow. its sunny. wednesday 2016

quite too cold to sit outside, and this was at about 12pm, when i got back from the library; much as i like to have the sun on my face and get some vit D.

there is sun, but it is quite weak. and what with a cold wind blowing, i  gave up the idea of sitting in the park bench in the little communal garden . so it is indoors for me. haha. and watch daytime tv.

i noticed they are all featuring caucasian actors and actresses. now that the academy awards have been criticised for featuring only white people, i was thinking well because there are so many of them in films. here in the west that is all we see, white people in films. in malaysia , and, we get to see chinese films, with chinese actors, indian films with indian actors, malay films with malay actors… we all expect that, no one will ask that such films have white actors or actors of other races. now that they ask that of the academy awards, will anyone start demanding the same thing for those chinese, korean, indian , productions? i wonder. 

 now we come to think of it, the academy awards were meant to showcase white people and the films they make. 

 let me ask u, when was the last time, if ever, that u saw a film with all black actors and actresses? i can only think of one, an all black cast , the wiz, based on the wizard of oz. i dont think i saw it to the end. it has a lot to live up to, because the wizard of oz is a superlative film, and judy garland was just too perfect for that role, she made it her own. i did not see what a all black cast can add to the narrative. 

i think when it comes to awards, race should not come into it. we are not looking to award equality, the very nature of awards is to judge who is best. it is subjective of course, but it is a peer judgement, and there is no argueing with it. really. anything else would sound like sour grapes.

if u dont like it, go and cook up your own awards. haha.

added i was curious to see whether there are any all black films, and googled it. this link tells me. it seems there was a period when they were popular, but not many have survived. 





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