cheap smartphones in india

20 Jan

london 10.02am 3.3C wednesday 2016 sun/cloud yesterday high of 5C , low -1C.

when i saw those refugees in europe using smartphones, i thought how come they can afford them, but looking at this post , about a smartphone company selling it for £24, £30 and giving 1 yr free internet… makes me realise that in the rest of the world, smartphones are cheap.

it is only in uk that they keep it expensive. i bet there is some close shop practises going on in uk. prices are kept inflated just because people here are very willing to pay high prices if u bundle it up with free internet call plans. there are too many people here who are willing to skimp on other things rather than skimp on a smartphone. whereas in india, there are too many poor people and they have to bring the prices down to attract them into the smartphone market. 

i remember a long time ago when mobile phones were the rage, ( that was a long time ago wasn’t it? haha) and i was in malaysia and was able to buy a nokia mobile phone for 100ringgit ,  £17 at that time. i am still using it .

that was considered cheap , because in the uk it was much more then. but now of course, u can get such a phone here in uk for that amount . the market has now shifted to  smartphones, and they are still very expensive.

so i wonder when we in uk will be able to get smartphones for £25 without being tied to a 24month calling plan contract. in india they can. and with the free internet, people can get whatsapp and use that to contact friends and family. it seems to me the rest of the world have got cheap smartphones, but europe and uk are still stuck with expensive ones. i wonder if the eu is deliberately stopping the cheap phones from coming in. it would lead to loss of jobs in all those businesses selling smartphones and their call plans. 

they were unable to stop cheap steel from coming in, and that has led to a loss of jobs with steel plants closing in uk… 

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