finland want to give 800 euros to every adult citizen

22 Jan

london 9.07am friday 2016

when i first read it on 6dec 2015 in the independent, i  thought it was a joke. but it seems it really is going to happen. it will be decided on nov 2016, but this post on wordpress reader says it has support of all parties so it can be passed.  the actual post in capx cannot be found. i wonder why? if it happens it would be a sea change in the way we hand out welfare benefits. finland only have 5.4million. so it will cost 400 million euros. (£304million)(800euros = £576, x12= £6912 a year).  



The Finnish government plans to introduce the initiative this year, hoping to grant every adult citizen a monthly allowance of 800 euros, regardless of their income and situation. Whether rich or poor, each person will then be free to use this money as they see fit, based on the idea that each person, rich or poor, is responsible for their actions. If someone decides to spend their 800 euros on vodka, that is their decision, and has nothing to do with the government. In return this income implies the removal of most welfare services, which until now were granted by the government, based on income and obligatorily aimed at specific situations such as housing, children’s education and… property insulation.


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