i seem to be fascinated with smartphones

22 Jan

london 8.05am 8.2C cloudy. friday 2016

even though i dont have one. i wonder why? haha. i think i secretly like the idea of having one. even though i am aware i dont really need it. i can do almost everything with my chrome book and it is free and easier to type on it than on a smartphone. 

this article i found talks of tracking and spying on a lost phone. it seems it can see pictures taken with the stolen phone, and can track it. the experiment was to test 3 different anti theft apps. so if u find a smartphone, even though u might be tempted to keep it, it might be everything u do on it, is tracked. it also applies to 2nd  hand phones too. is that the reason why we seldom find it being sold in the shops? or in charity shops?

though the tech can go haywire, as in this post showing how one address in atlanta keeps coming up and people have gone there to ask for their lost phone back, to find it is a tech mistake. 


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