thaipusam tomorrow

23 Jan

london saturday 2016 11.34am 10.6C sunny , its warming up.

i was browsing my wordpress reader and saw a post by tropical expat who commented on the dengue fever vaccine in malaysia being only 47% effective and may be dangerous to children under 9, which begs the question why it is used at all… he gave a link to the sun newspaper in malaysia, and that was where i found out that thaipusam is tomorrow. it is a public holiday in malaysia, but here in uk, we dont hear of it. no one is holding a celebration in trafalgar square for it.

it is a hindu festival celebrated by tamils, according to wikipedia. i guess there are not enough tamils here who would bring a bit of colour to london by walking about near naked with a kavadi. a bit cold for it now.

i remember now that it is well known for the devotees skewering themselves seemingly without suffering any pain. or if there is pain, they are able to suppress it. it’s a very strange custom. and for the tremendous crowds in batu caves, in malaysia. and the breaking of coconuts. 


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