what does the thread count mean in bedlinen?

23 Jan

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i have seen these thread counts, and assumed the higher the thread count the better. and i have noticed if they are called egyptian sheets they are priced higher… and supposedly better quality. i admit i dont take much notice of them when i buy bedsheets… in the days long ago when i buy them new. 

this bbc program, what to buy episode 3, said it is true that the higher the thread count the better the quality… but it seems the shops weave 4 threads into one and than weave that in their cotton sheets… so technically it is 1000 threads but not so fine as if they use each thread by itself.

but has anyone slept in such bedlinen at all? and is there a difference? personally i dont think so, otherwise there will be  lots of people returning their bedlinens.

if the cotton was used to make shirts, i think u would notice it, because u are wrapped all round by it. but in bedlinen u just lie on top of them, so it wont be very noticeable. fine cotton is really lovely to wear. in my opinion is better than silk. even though the conventional wisdom says silk is more luxurious than fine cotton.

and most of us can tell the difference between it and different grades of fine cotton. but on a bed sheet?? i know i wont know the difference. or if i do notice the difference, it does not make a lot of effect on my  sleep. 

in that bbc program they also asked about the tv screens. there are 3 types now u can chose, HD, 4k, and curved 4k. (the k refers to the pixels , 4 thousand pixels as opposed to 2ooo pixels in the HD.) so far only people broadcasting 4k are those online… the two judges chosed the middle range, 4k tv screen costing about £800. have a look at the program and see if u agree with them. they say buy 4k now so u dont need to change your tv screen for 7yrs. but will the present 4k screen using technology now be obsolete when they do broadcast 4k? that is the nub. later models might be so advanced and cost less, u will most probably ditch your 4k bought now, for the latest models anyway…

added. 25.1.16 monday . i found this , which asks 8 reasons to buy a 4k tv. can’t say i understand all the reasons. haha. so maybe that is why i am not convinced. 


2 Responses to “what does the thread count mean in bedlinen?”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday January 24, 2016 at 2:12 pm #

    We have 8k tv now going for a whopping $22,000 for 80 inch. Brand is Sharp!

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