nice weather we are having here in london.

24 Jan

london 15.9C sunday 2016 2.04pm. cloudy.

i was really surprised when i got back from the library to see this temperature on the weather website for 2pm.

when i was out and about earlier on,it did not feel that warm…maybe it was not sunny so i did not feel hot under my warm clothes . i remember all i did to cool down a bit was to remove the woolen scarf round my neck. (here, i can see how clothes can really create an enclosed warm environment round my body isolating me from the weather surrounding me. so much so that i dont really feel any cold or warmth from the outside surroundings. )

 though in fact i might have got an inkling of how warm it was, when i saw a man with very pale skin running on the pavement wearing only a singlet, and  running shorts (and they are really short shorts, haha) and trainers. it was in the bishop’s bridge road, near porchester road. i thought he was mad, but it seems he was not and from him, i can sense it was really warm after all. at least it was dry. no rain.  

london 5.31pm 14.7C, amazed it is still that high the temperature even though the sun has gone down. the road is wet, suggesting it must have rained .


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