friends…the tv series, no comeback

25 Jan

london 4.32pm 13.9C monday 2016 cloudy

saw this article in the dailymail about the picture showing the cast of friends and the big bang theory at a gala dinner held as a tribute to the director james burrows. it was reporting on the event and showing the photo where both the cast of those two shows were posing together. only matthew perry was not there. he is in london for his play. here is a link that is better for that event. it gives more info on the shows that james burrows has directed.

they will come together along with many of the original casts of the other shows he directed to do a tribute tv show later it seems.

there was talk of the friends players coming together for a film remake of the friend sitcom.  but it wont happen i think. the main reason would be they are too old. even some of them said so. it just wont be the same. i agree with them, it would be painful to watch all these aged actors pretending to be young people leaving home, after college and living together in a big city to work. we, as well as them, have grown up and the coming young generations wont have the same nostalgia for that show.

so who are the target audience if there is a reunion?  i myself dont recall too much of the series. but then i m a foreigner  and in malaysia,we dont get these series as they come out. but come to think of it, i lived in london a long time, but i dont recall seeing this series when it was going on… i see it now and then on one of the free channels that show the repeats. i dont follow slavishly though. it seems this side of a common experience has passed me by. 

even now, i dont see many of the tv series which get awards and such that are showing in america… it takes some time for them to come to the british terrestial tv, if ever.

right now, if u were to ask me what tv series  is making waves in america, i wont be able to tell you. i can make a guess, it is some kind of crime series. isn’t it? haha.

the americans are rather good at situation comedy. i think. 

i personally dont think remakes with the original cast are very useful. it was painful to watch sex in the city2 . i saw it recently on tv and i could not continue, switched channels when they went to dubai or was it abu dhabi. it was just too much talk of babies, and marriage and couples… when the original tv series was about carefree and footloose young women living the single life in new york. and it was too obvious that the actresses were getting too old for the part.

james burrows seem to be a really good director, to be involved in so many popular tv series. i am surprised he did cheers. i have seen old re runs of that series. on and off… the ones with shelley long were much more funny i think.

  at first i thought james burrows had died. this kind of tribute  usually happen when someone died. but it seems it is to celebrate. it is to mark something. thank goodness it is not for a dead person. a nice change when recently we have too much news about old pop stars dying. 

The TV special marks a huge milestone for Burrows: he has directed 1,000 episodes of television with NBC’s new comedy “Crowded.”

needless to say we in uk have not seen this ‘crowded’ series. 



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