tor app

25 Jan

london 7.55am 11.7C sunny monday 2016

saw this today. saying facebook can be accessed via tor app, which  hides your location so that your internet provider do not block it.  so for people in china, iran, which blocks facebook, u can access facebook. does it mean u can use tor app to access google, which is also banned in china?

i thought it might be useful even for those of us in uk, as it hides your location so stores wont be able to find you. but when i looked into the tor application, i think it does not do that. it is specifically to prevent your internet provider blocking you. though by  hiding your location it might also prevent any others from finding you… on the other hand, u might want stores to find you so that they can give u special offers as u pass them. haha

i read here in a guardian article that stores can find out if u revisited them, even what u see. i think we all know that. we know that if we pass a store, it can send adverts to us or tell us of special offers. this applies for people with smartphones.  it might sound scary to some, but maybe a lot of users will welcome it… say u are passing a macdonalds and u get a notification of half price big mac when u pass it… or 2 for 1 offer. u might be tempted to go there.

i think it is rather interesting, to be tracked by a store and given special offers tailored to what u like. but maybe other people might think it creepy.

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