clockwork 5th lion for trafalgar square

28 Jan

london 5.38pm 9.4C thursday 2016 cloud.

i was on the C2 bus, that goes from victoria to parliament hill fields, via berkeley square and oxford st. it was really very crowded at about 12pm today, because something was going on in trafalgar square that made the buses 88,24  that runs through there to be diverted to greenpark and hydepark corner. and all the traffic diverted to go through berkeley square. it was a fearsome jam. i was on my way to john lewis to take advantage of the free cake and coffee voucher they have given me.

(it was very nice, too. haha. though thank goodness i dont get to eat it often, because it is always very sweet, even the cream eclair that i chosed. there was sweetened cream, and sweet icing on top. usually eclairs are less sweet, at least those that i once bought in bakery shops. but here they even sweeten the whipped  cream. )

anyway, i was at home  and decided to google it by typing in trafalgar square today, and it came up with this. fifth lion sculpture

Rachel Riley

cant quite make out where it is placed. there are 4 lions at the base of nelson’s column. so where is this 5th one?

anyway it must have been installed today and that might explain why the buses and traffic are diverted. looking at the pictures of it in that website, it does seem that one of the 4 lions have been embellished but that cannot be so, or they wont call it the 5th sculpture would they?

on the bus , i was at the top deck in the front, and there were two people, a man and his girlfriend or wife?  on the other seat. turned out they are french, living in NIce, on a 3 day holiday to london. they were on their way to camden market.

i told them usually the brits go to Nice for winter and not the french come here.

 in john lewis i asked if my 2 yr guarantee of my chromebook also includes repairing a inslot that has been pushed inwards on my chromebook. to be told it does not (it seems if it is done by the user it does not apply. simon pushed it in, whilst trying to insert something that connects to the tv into that slot.

and i have to pay for it if i want it done which they will need to send away. so i said nevermind, as i dont fancy paying for it, and i dont fancy not being able to use it whilst they sent it off for repairs. i thought they might be able to do it in house as it were and wont take a lot of time.

 but i guess the repair would necessitate taking it apart , opening the back, and that they might not be authorised to do. anyway it was a nice try. i shall just make do with the other usb inlet to download pictures from my camera rather than insert the memory card directly into my chromebook. 



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