internet of things seem stupid now

28 Jan

london 9.47am, 6.1C sunny thursday 2016

i have always thought so, but i know i am a odd one out when it comes to what makes good tech… i mean i dont quite see why smartphones are the rage and yet they are. so i tend to go along when they say it is desireable to connect your kettle, fridge, etc to the internet… but it seems it has dawned on people now,(finally !)that this internet of things is a bit of a silly thing.

nest thermostats may well mark the death knell of our slavish desire for every new tech thing. haha.  it seems all these internet of things devices leak information to the whole wide world for any hacker to use. so if your fancy kettle suddenly start to boil water, haha, u will know what is happening… some hacker has decided to play a prank on you. or your fridge suddenly order 10gallons of milk. ho ho. frankly, i will  laugh at you. 


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