north vietnam colder than london!

28 Jan

london 8.56am, 5.3C thursday 2016 . yesterday high 14C, low 9C.

very mild weather we are having here in london. but in and hongkong things are cold. -4.2C in sapa, north vietnam. granted it is a hill station but still, unusual i would have thought.

i first heard something was amiss in that region of the world when i read in a blog frm an expat in chiangmai about how cold it was, but did not think of it, as i tend to think people in will say it is cold when i would think it a warm spring day… haha. but this morning i read this article. dozens dead from cold in asia. and they were talking of temperatures of 4C, 9C. though i wonder why some people died from it. i mean such low temperatures are at dawn, and it will soon get really hot again later in the day. some regions have gotten wild swings of temperature, all in one day… so that might explain it. even then, to die at those temperatures which dont last long, seems rather excessive. positively careless, as oscar wilde will put it.

to me, those who died are those whose souls wants to go and chose that excuse to go. we tend to forget that for some people(more than we realise) death is a release and a welcome one at that. 

i looked at kuala lumpur in the weather website and see this high 37C, low 24C. i wonder how cold did it get on monday in kl? to us in london, if it ever gets as low as 17C at night ,we would be rejoicing. haha. i bet in malaysia most people dont even notice it has gotten colder. 

it is strange that none of the uk newspapers mention this cold spell at all. not even online nevermind the printed newspapers. maybe the blizzard in america swamped all other cold weather news. 

this winter, in london, i cannot remember such a mild winter as we are getting now. granted i might have to eat my words as winter isn’t over yet and there is still a surprise later in the month if we get a really cold spell… but the air felt so crisp and clean… lovely really. (i find it real difficult to believe what they keep saying to us, that london air is polluted…) 


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