baquette machines in france

29 Jan

london 11.34am 12.9C cloudy friday 2016

this Times article says these machines costing 9000 euros each were welcomed at first at baker-less villages in france. but they have become so popular that they now threaten the bakers themselves.

they are vending machines that make the bread and keeps it at 15C-20C and the 50%-60% humidity. and available all hours. what not to like, right? and they sell the baquettes for 1 euro.

hmm, it must be unique to france, that they dont have supermarkets to sell the bread. here in uk we have supermarkets selling baquettes . 50p each. and supermarkets are everywhere . cheaper if u go at the end of the day.  no one i know go to a baker to buy baquettes . haha how quaint! oh i am sure there are such people, it is just that i dont know any. in france u can see people walking about holding a long uncovered baquette under their arms or somewhere…haha…you never see it in uk.

but i think baquettes are not so popular in uk than in france. people here like their sliced loaf. or i do. haha. baquettes as sold in france are a bit hard , and go stale very quick. the british ones are better in that they are not so hard/ some will say crisp. french people will laugh when they hear me say our baguettes are not so crisp, and that i prefer it that way. they will say i dont know my baguette at all. and i think they will be right. really fresh french baguettes are really nice to eat, but u got to eat them straight away, keep them till the end of the day and they wont be so nice. eat them the next day and they are rock hard.

the same goes for croissants. the french ones bought in france are really very nice.

here the supermarkets sell them and they are quite variable in quality. they are cheaper, and a lot of people may be willing to sacrifice authenticity for the other versions, still edible, and quite nice, for a lower price so they can have it more often.

after all, many have never tasted a real french croissant, and so wont know what they are missing. and those of us who have tasted the real thing in france, forget what exactly it tastes of… it is so easy to forget.

 and now with vending machines making baguettes, maybe the real thing will be even rarer and fewer people will get to eat it, and soon it will be lost to the collective consciousness . and we will all take the supermarket croissant as the  benchmark croissant.

 i think the thing about us humans is that if we grow up with some thing, we tend to like it. so i find i prefer sliced bread as a regular thing, than baguette. a baguette is more as a once- in- a- while thing.  whereas sliced bread is the one i go for as a matter of routine… they make excellent sandwiches and easy to eat.

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2 Responses to “baquette machines in france”

  1. MELewis Friday January 29, 2016 at 5:24 pm #

    I have never seen a baguette machine in France, but then again, I am lucky enough to live in a village with a real bakery, so who needs it? They also make several different kinds of baguette-style loaves and lots of other breads like pain de campagne, walnut rye, etc. The supermarkets sell baguettes cheaper, but as you say they dry out quicker and the dough has no character. Even after all these years in France, though, I still enjoy sandwich bread sometimes!

    • alifesgayventure Friday January 29, 2016 at 5:28 pm #

      i have noticed that the french dont sell the sliced bread like we get in uk. their sliced bread is more like cake. so if u hear of french people scorning sliced bread, it is because they never tasted the real thing, haha.

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