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30 Jan

london 3.23pm 8.5c sunny. saturday 2016

i have not been to a gym for a long time , more than 2yrs now. so when i got a email giving me a chance to try a pure gym, (that is its name\)i thought i shall do so and see if i still like it. and maybe start going again.

i went yesterday, it is a 3day pass. the gym has no sauna , just showers, and weights. so quite a basic affair. you were given a code and that will open the doors to you. it is a 24hr gym too.

so what is my verdict? i realise i still am not that tempted to take up gym going … and especially one without a sauna. i find i really miss a sauna after the workout.

if it has a sauna i might be tempted, because i realise i do like a sauna after a workout. and also a sauna is a chance to socialise and meet others. and the social aspect of the gym is something i will be tempted to return to if there is a chance of it. but this kind of gym, where there is no sauna, or other facillities, dont make for a conducive atmosphere for  meeting other people. people have no reason to hang around after their workout. 

it costs about £21 a month membership. i am glad to have tried it out. it confirms to me that i was right to cancel my gym membership.

perhaps going to a gay gym might be more my thing. certainly during my gym days, i have gone to gay gyms, and they have saunas and steam rooms which allows us to make friends. i might look into it and see if going to a gay gym might be the answer. there is no exclusively gay gym anymore, since paris gym in vauxhall closed its doors , that was about 2yrs ago.

there are gay saunas, with gym areas… sex places really…one near me, and the cost of off peak membership (7am-4pm, 9pm-12midnite midweek, all day weekends) is £24.58 a month(£295 a year)  full membership is £495 a year. but i think their main sex activities might mean their gym areas and equipment wont be up to much. haha. 

the off peak suits me .quite a nice price really.

well, i am beginning to explore various things to do… and activities to join. and i think taking up gym going might be one of the things to consider again that might be interesting. though whether i want to immerse myself in a gym going lifestyle again and letting it take over my life is something i am in two minds about. 

added. 5.25pm 8.3C dark outside. how strange i did not post this, and yet i see it has been posted. i was in two minds about posting it as it seems rather meandering and not having any point to it.

well, since it has been posted i shall leave it and just add my thoughts as i go along. i think i might be trying to replicate my past. when i was working i used to go to a gay gym , and my life and social activities kind of revolved round it.

there, i met a chinese friend (from hongkong) who had a really social life and i got recruited into it and joined his social group. also, we would go to a restaurant after the gym, trying out different restaurants. maybe i was thinking i might get that kind of social life if i were to join a gym now. but of course the past is never easy to replicate… 

 so many gyms now are very basic things, no sauna, so that i find it makes them unsocial places. it is far easier to chat with guys in a gay gym with a sauna, or steam room.  

these new basic gyms that abound everywhere just have a workout space and showers, and a exercise room where they hold classes. i have not tried the classes so maybe they are where people meet others and socialise. 


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