31 Jan

london 8.57am 8.3C cloudy/rain sunday 2016

i have been wondering whether i should join a gym again, and concluded that the basic gyms that abound are not for me.

this morning, i got the daily newsletter from the  londonist , a offer of a free day pass to the ymca. filling in the application means they will contact you to make a appointment to decide which day. understandable as they are too busy for u to just walk in any day u like.

i had a look at their website, and it does remind me they may suit my purpose for a gym, (and swim) with steam room and sauna . only £30 a year for membership and £2 per visit. only for over 60s. haha. and their activities and classes are free to attend. i am looking at their tai chi classes. every friday at 6.30pm.

actually now that i am seeing all this, it reminds me that i do have free swimming at the queen mothers sports complex near me. i have stopped going since august, but it would be the obvious first choice if i am thinking of upping my sport activities. it’s funny, isn’t it? that here is a place so near me, that offers me all that i wish, a sport, and free… and i dont go there but instead look so far afield at places that require me to pay money and commit to going… we humans are weird… 

added 10.20am actually i wonder if that is what also makes those of us want to go abroad, to buy a place or start a business, or just to live there; usually to do with catering, a food shop, or a b&b. instead of just doing it all where they live in uk.

it is allready tough enough to do business in uk, where u know the lingo and the customs, nevermind contemplating doing it all in a foreign land with strange language and customs. 

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