daily mail online

3 Feb

london 8.16am cloudy 5.5C (that low, though in the flat it does not feel cold.) wednesday 2016

read this one today about how the dailymail online only produces £23million even though it is the biggest english language site in the world with 220million unique actives (is that users, views, or browsers? i wonder. from the spreadsheet it seems it is browsers.)  a month. as it said, not a lot of money fr the adverts. possibly due to adblockers in smartphones.

In March 2014, the Guardian hit 100m browsers for the month. In July 2014 it managed 137m. (“Browsers” aren’t the same as “views”, nor the same as “users”. A single browser could do multiple page views; a single user might use multiple browsers, such as a mobile one and a desktop one at different times of the day. If you’re feeling wonkish, the Audit Bureau of Circulation has more data at appendix 2.1 of its measurement requirements: “This metric measures each browser on a given device; it does not measure a person.”)

a good article about ad blocking 

i am one of the viewers , now and then, even though i read the daily mail printed newspaper, (more like skim the webpage  really, the whole of the right column is gossip and not worth a read.)

i like that it has so much content on one page, that is something that i wish all online newspapers will copy, but maybe it uses up lots of bandwidths or something that makes it expensive to maintain, because no other newsonline have it as much as the dailymail online. its adverts are not intrusive. at least in my chrome… maybe my chrome blocks pop ups.

some other websites , eg tvguide website and some news websites,have embedded videos adverts that start automatically and set on high volume whenever u open the page, very scary , especially if i am in the library,and sometimes it takes a bit of time to find out where they are to shut them up or stop them. though i now just switch on the mute button on my chromebook. adblockers dont seem to work on them. but u can see how they dont generate much revenue because we block them or shut them up or stop visiting the site if it gets too intrusive.

i think adblocking got more popular because the adverts got more aggressive and intrusive… and in turn that make the advertisers even more intrusive, finding ways to force the adverts on us. it is a vicious cycle that will push a lot of internet users to adblock. that is why the whatsapp idea of offering companies direct contact with their targets via whatsapp text sounds like the way to go. that is one way of getting at those smartphone users who are getting immune to adverts, or use adblockers. 


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