we in the west has spread our ways everywhere

3 Feb

london 2.31pm 9.3C weak sun. wednesday 2016

it looks very nice outside, with the sun shining, but it is low in the sky, and so quite weak. and cold to be sitting outside, that is why i am indoors. haha. most of this life i lead especially around this time of year is spent indoors. some people might lament it and compare it unfavourably with other countries; that is why u dont see many people sitting outside , cafes for eg.

we have not got that parisien habit, or come to think of it , the mediterranean habit of people watching whilst sitting having coffee outside a cafe. nor do we have the asian habit of walking up and down a promenade in the evening. eyeing people up and socialising. we dont even have the habit of watching the sun set.

people here are indoors people. that might explain why coffee shops are so big here. they are warm and indoors and provide a nice place for people to hang out. and it seems this coffee culture, which is ideal for us in these temperate climates, seem to be exported all over the world so that even in countries where being cooped up inside is illogical, it flourishes and persuaded the locals to do likewise. it is as if they have wholesale adopted something that is suitable for us, and transplanted it into their culture, even though quite alien to the natural culture in their country.

i see this in the buildings too… tropical countries have buildings built to a climate suitable for the european northerners, protecting against the cold, and having wide expense of glass on the south side to trap heat; and so when transplanted without any change into a hot tropical country the glass and tropical sun prove to be so hot, that they must have airconditioning, rather than utilise local styles, (involving deep varendahs, and windows with slated wooden shutters which allow the breezes to enter and be cooled and to circulate whilst blocking the sun).  

western ideas, habits, lifestyle, culture is everywhere. i am not saying it is bad. in fact, on balance i would say it is good. western culture helps the minorities, allows them expression and recognise their existence and gives them equal opportunities. this cannot be said of alternative cultures like the chinese, islamic, indian cultures. generally, and this is a very blanket generalisation, the other cultures are less tolerant of minorities. 


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