Dam the consequences

5 Feb

london 5.06pm 11.8C friday 2016 dry

i dislike dams, as they flood so much land, and destroy so much wild life. in the past that was what they do, build lots of them and they call it progress. now it has come to bite them. 

Mosul Dam, the largest such structure in Iraq, urgently requires maintenance to prevent its collapse, a disaster that could drown as many as five hundred thousand people downstream and leave a million homeless. Four days earlier, the energy minister of Zambia declared that Kariba Dam, which straddles the border between his country and Zimbabwe, holding back the world’s largest reservoir, was in “dire” condition.

It’s the trap of Industrial Age technology: once mechanized systems supplant natural ones, they must be managed in perpetuity, or else they break down.


these technologies were western solutions applied in developing countries. here is a quote from an article that warns of westerners thinking they can come in and solve complex problems in other countries with simplistic solutions. 

There are so many examples. As David Bornstein wrote in The New York Times, over four decades of Westerners working on clean water has led to “billions of dollars worth of broken wells and pumps. Many of them functioned for less than two years.”

One classic example: in 2006, the U.S. government, The Clinton Foundation, The Case Foundation, and others pledged $16.4 million to PlayPump, essentially a merry-go-round pump that produced safe drinking water. Despite being touted as the (fun!) answer to the developing world’s water woes, by 2007, one-quarter of the pumps in Zambia alone were in disrepair. It was later estimated that children would need to “play” for 27 hours a day to produce the water PlayPump promised.


added. 9.22pm friday 2016 11.3C i am seeing a tv program called earth’s greatest spectacle bbc2, and they showed beavers having dams, and saying it needs constant maintainance. so not only man made dams need attention but even nature dams need that too. so what we see in nature, has been the work of countless unseen animals, insects, plants etc… so i guess we should not despair that everything needs maintainance. it is entropy working here… that everything will go into chaos, and breakdown. 

It usually refers to the idea that everything in the universe eventually moves from order to disorder, and entropy is the measurement of that change.


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