what they dont tell expats

5 Feb

london 9.48am 11.6C drizzle. friday 2016

i am sitting on a bench near the tate britain, it is the nearest bus stop to my flat, waiting for bus c10. and using the tate wifi to get online. it is only recently that i was able to get this signal, (the tate must have strengthened it so that it extends all the way to this bus stop)and it is useful to be online whilst waiting for the bus.

usually the service is very good, but lately i find it has been very eratic, with buses bunching up and long waits in between. recently i saw 3 of them with trainee bus drivers, and so not taking any passengers. so it looks like their experienced drivers are leaving, maybe to get more pay from other companies, and so new drivers are slower. i can see from the timetable and live feed, that the bus coming next is a new driver. the one following it, has caught up with it, and is now ahead.

ah well, it is still a short wait, even with all these delays. so cant really complain …

i was thinking of what is bad about london that they dont tell expats who want to come here to live… after i heard of all the troubles that expats living in other countries have to contend with which no one mentions . i could not think of any, but this one may be one of them. tube strikes . this weekendthere will be another tube strike, against ticket office closures …even though that program is allready underway and many of them have been closed. or another irksome thing, it might be called off…to paraphrase oscar wilde, the 2nd worst thing to having a tube strike is not having a tube strike if it is called off at the last minute. haha. (just as i suspected, i got an email just now 6.30pm 5.2.16 saying… 

The Tube strike action that was planned to take place from the evening of Saturday 6 February for 48 hours has now been suspended. Tube services will operate as normal.

i suppose one should be grateful it is not to happen but it is getting to be predictable, using the threat of a strike to gouge out more concessions from management. it will appear all this will mean commuters and users seeing huge fare rises in future to pay for it. i guess u could say if it drives more people to walk, or to get a bike it might be a good thing. after all the tube seem to have hit capacity, and nothing more they can do to allow it to carry more passengers. might as well raise the price of getting on it to such an amount that lots of people will find other ways to travel. i bet when bicycles becoming the majority way to travel,they will find ways to charge for it. 

it will hit the chinese new year traffic… it is on monday 8th feb. though that day wont be busy as the actual festival which will be celebrated on 14th feb, with the customary stageshow in trafalgar square and lion dancing in chinatown. 

and next months there will be rolling strikes by maintainance workers. not to mention the dispute about weekend tubes is still not resolved. and it seems there are weekend closures for maintainance work too.  so i guess u could say these stoppages are one of the irksome things about living in london that people may not be aware of .

i am at the library now.

and talking of transport problems… when the bus arrived at the pimlico station stop there was a huge crowd of people trying to board. i asked the lady who sat next to me, what it is about. she said the victoria line has closed, so all those have to leave and hence the crowd.

i said if they are going on their journey why dont they go to the bus stops along the vauxhall bridge road, instead of this one. where the bus will stop at victoria station after taking a long about route to get there. she wanted to go to st james tube, so i said she can catch the 11 or 211 and get off at victoria st. actually she would be better off taking any bus along the vauxhall bridge road to victoria and just walk to st james from there.

i wonder why the staff at the pimlico station never tells them of the options, but maybe the stoppage is sudden. maybe because of another case of  a body on the line. so that is another thing about life in london that they dont tell u about. we never hear of bodies on the line in new york subway… unless it is so common, it never gets a mention in the papers. who knows.

i guess this is nothing to what u can get arrested for … possessing more than 120 playing cards for eg, (in thailand) or for chewing gum (singapore) or for jay walking (usa). 

added. 10.47am i thought i shall go into the evening standard website to see if they have any news about the victoria line closure… and they have.  it is an unexploded bomb from world war 2 , in the building site in victoria. so it looks like the lady who has taken the 11 bus will be delayed more, if they have blocked traffic around victoria station. haha. but i read also that it is cleared now.  i wonder how come they are able to get it removed so quickly… unless someone may have pointed out to those in authority not to overeact and do a  knee jerk reaction by stopping all traffic; by saying it has not exploded after all these years, so why expect it to do so now when it is found. haha.

added 6.43pm 5.2.16 just saw this,video of a crane falling in newyork due to high winds. killing one and injuring 3. hmm, that is another of those things they dont tell u about life in a big city. but it is rare ( i think) that such a thing occurs,far less to have it caught on camera. 


2 Responses to “what they dont tell expats”

  1. Carl D'Agostino Friday February 5, 2016 at 12:12 pm #

    In US traffic is clogged and rerouted for road repairs. When things are normal again the phone company comes in to dig up the same road to make their adjustments hence clogging and rerouting again. When they are finished it starts all over again from the water company and then the gas company. Then the road is so mangled with all the digging and patchwork the road authority has to come in and repair the road again hence…

    • alifesgayventure Friday February 5, 2016 at 12:24 pm #

      ah yes, that reminds me we get that here too. so another thing they dont mention to expats who are thinking of living here. haha. though i dont own a car, so i see it causing road jams, but it does not affect me. here it is more likely to be road works from adding extra bicycle lanes. pot holes are another grouse, though in london i have not seen one yet. the roads are well maintained in london.

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