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6 Feb

london 11.19am 12.1C very cloudy. dull. saturday 2016

interesting item of news i see. if u own a apple iphone 6, beware. installing the latest update ios 9, will kill your phone if u have it repaired by an unauthorised person. or even if it has been damaged slightly. it seems it affects the touch ID sensor causing the check to fail if the pairing cannot be validated.

i can see why apple is strict about it, because the id sensor is the key to opening a lot of monetary transactions. if it is breached, all hell will break loose. and if is tampered with, that could lead to fraud. so any attempt at altering the workings of the apple phone, by unauthorised people will be suspect.

i think if u are going to pay so much money for an apple phone, u should go the whole hog and pay for an authorised apple dealer to repair it. if u cant afford it, then u really cannot afford an apple phone …so go back to the peasants queue with you.  haha.

it is like a guy buying a rolls royce and trying to be stingy with the upkeep by taking it to an unauthorised repair shop. though some argued that they were in afghanistan and there are few apple authorised people there. haha.

makes me think…what a ponce, going to a poor country flashing their expensive gadgets at them. it makes me think that they give an impression to those people there that they are just very rich people come to the country pretending to be poor and using up all that countries free hospitality from locals that are dirt poor.

 perhaps another lesson is not to download their latest upgrade. 

added. 3.12pm i had a chance to think about it, and my advise not to download their upgrade wont be practical. 



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